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In Motion, I Find Direction:

Explorations as an ARTIST and as an ATHLETE inform the stories I share as a SPEAKER.

Painting, writing and speaking give voice to the deeper emotions and beliefs that swim around inside me.

My passion for mobility motivates me to explore the world and see where my body can take me without fossil fuels.

These drives challenge me to discover just who I am, and how dynamically I can use my gifts to inspire myself and others.

In the process, I set world records in swimming during three Paralympic Games and completed five IronMan events. I have climbed several of the world’s smaller mountains and backpacked much of the planet while feeding my curiosity and soul, all the while capturing the journey with pencil and paint.

My base camps have included; Washington DC, Paris, Wiesbaden, The Hague, Franklin & Marshall College, Silicon Valley, University of California Santa Barbara, Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai from where I have set off to explore one third of the world’s countries and most of her oceans.

My art and being have been transformed by thirty years of international travel and competitive sports.

Every facet of this journey has broadened the color palette by which I now create, speak and teach. For two decades I have sought to challenge students and executives to be deaf to their doubts. Today, I’m trying to clarify the values by which we navigate while connecting to a deeper sense of purpose.

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