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2016 Sports Artist of the Year

United States Sports Academy and Archives

Gregory Burns’ passion for art began as a boy growing up in Paris where he painted bottles of Beaujolais and slices of French bread. During his first university art class Gregory discovered the nude. He slipped into Asia in 1984, where he studied Chinese brush painting and calligraphy with local masters in Taiwan.

With broken Mandarin and paintbrushes he began a summer backpacking trip overland through China, Tibet, Nepal, India and Pakistan, which stretched into a 16-month sojourn. While seeking out Buddhist and Hindu sacred sites, his artwork began referencing the different religious and architectural imagery of Asia.

Since completing his Master in Painting at the end of the last century, the intrepid traveler continues to cast a wide net in order to pull in a diverse collection of colors and imagery from which he tries to express the journey towards a meaningful life.

Since 1980, Gregory has held 80 solo and group painting exhibitions in over a dozen countries and has been the celebrated Artist-in-Residence at over thirty venues. Gregory has published three books in English and Mandarin and has been featured on BBC, CNN, CNBC, ESPN, CNA, CCTV and in The AWSJ, Time Magazine and The China Daily. He is represented by the Tanya Baxter Gallery in London, the Tony Raka Gallery in Bali and the Yang Gallery in Singapore and Beijing.

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