Climbing Hwang Shan Again, China, 2008

June 1, 2008

Hwang Shan Again In a Buick through a tunnel I go back in time to a mountain I climbed half a life ago. Hwang Shan, in China’s Anhui Province, waits at the end of the freeway as I return to a spot where I struggled to become a whole person after loosing love and innocence. […]

The Temples of Shaolin, China, 2008

June 1, 2008

The Temples of Shaolin   Though the ancient structures were impressive, I felt frustrated Visiting Shaolin Temple. I had hoped to meditate with the monks and paint them while they practiced their martial arts. Instead, I was overwhelmed by the commercialization of the place and the realization that the kung fu they still do is […]

Ta Gong, Tibet, 2008

January 27, 2008

  Ta Gong – Tibet   Three bumpy days drive from Chengdu (China) and we finally stop in Ta Gong. At 3700 meters, one can be excused if breathless after 100 paces. And with mostly local Tibetans in this tiny town surrounding the Monastery, one can forgive the place for not having internet. But what […]

70.3 Half Ironman, Singapore, 2008

January 6, 2008

A month training in Bali at the Four Seasons pool and gym may not have been an ideal regiment to satisfy the needs of a half Ironman, but it was the best I could manage at the time. Building on a maintenance base that had been holding steady for months helped, but I was not […]

Exhibition, Connection Shanghai, 2008

January 6, 2008

Connection Shanghai 2007   The series “Connection Shanghai” concludes with a fitting scene of the Bund on a background of towering skyscrapers all painted upon a giant map of China titled, ‘No More Concessions’, drawing to a close sixty days of painting frenzy. Stretching back to tickle memories of trips through China decades ago, I […]

Exhibition, Four Seasons Bali, Indonesia, 2007

October 10, 2007

Four Seasons Sayan Bali Joint Exhibition It may sound hollow, but painting in 5-star luxury is challenging. Room service brings breakfast and I leave to my studio above the raging Ayung River. The lavender palm trees rise up from the jungle floor beyond the swimming pool. The gym and restaurant are both first class. So […]

Yellowstones and Tetons, USA, 2007

July 26, 2007

Yellowstones and Tetons Ten days in the Yellowstone and Teton National Parks would be our first family sojourn in as many years.   Our crew flew into Jackson Hole,Wyoming and drove north to the geysers of Yellowstone. Yellowstone, two million acres of parkland coined from the Native Indian’s word for the area, is the world’s […]

Bintan Triathlon, Indonesia, 2007

June 16, 2007

Bintan Triathlon 2007   Tribob, the organizers of the Bintan Triathlon 2007, invited me to speak and compete in this year’s event which attracted 1,000 athletes. Agreeing, I prepared my body and talk for what lay ahead which included an Olympic distance Triathlon meaning 1.5km ocean swim, then a 40km bike ride followed by a […]

Above and Below the Sea, Maldives, 2007

May 1, 2007

Maldives:above and below the sea   Screening our boxes upon arrival at Immigration was a chirpy young Muslim woman wearing a veil asking what was inside. Canvas paintings I replied. We will have to open the box and look inside she said and so we did. Pulling out one of my already primed backgrounds with […]

Artist in residence, Lijiang to Shangri-La, China, 2006

September 26, 2006

artists in residence Lijiang and Shangri-la, China   Climbing the two flights of steep, wheelchair inaccessible stairs up into the bowels of the China Embassy in Singapore to retrieve Angie and my passports with visas, I am reminded of the challenges that lie ahead as we prepare to reenter the Center Kingdom. With a growing […]

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