残障艺术家 Gregory Burns 2013上海作品展宣传片@玉佛禅寺 | Gregory Burns in Shang Hai 2017@Jade Buddha Temple

October 22, 2013

While doing research for his upcoming solo exhibition at the River South Art Center Shanghai China, Gregory visits and paints the famous Jade Buddha Temple surrounded by locals and monks. Blending into the scenery, he absorbs and expresses the mood and feeling of this sacred site.  

残障艺术家Gregory Burns 2013上海作品展宣传片@工作室 | Gregory Burns in Shang Hai 2007@Studio

October 22, 2013

Preparing paintings at the River South Art Center in the heart of Shanghai, Gregory splashes and presses paint deep into his canvases while entombed in this 100 year old go-down on the Pudong River. The man and the moment are captured in pixels and paint just days before the exhibition opens with much acclaim.  

Artist in Residence (Shangri La Tokyo), 2013

October 21, 2013

Touring the dynamic city of Tokyo, Gregory and Angie visit and paint in the temples and gardens of this inspired city. Later, they travel north to a small village that was destroyed by the tsunami and work (and play) with the local children while producing a large memory mural for their local museum.  

Artist in Residence Shangri La Maldives, 2013

October 21, 2013

Artist in Residence at Shangri-La Maldives thanks to the team of Jen Moesker Taking up residency again in this island paradise, Gregory and Angie dive deeply into the ocean and atmosphere in order to capture the essence of life above and below the sea. As in all his residencies, this stay includes art classes and […]

Artist in Residence (Alilia Soori Bali Indonesia), 2013

October 21, 2013

Artist in Residence at Alila Soori in Bali, Indonesia Far from the throngs of Kuta beach, Gregory and Angie set up base camp at this contemporary and chic resort smack on the beach before the pounding surf of the Indian Ocean. Exploring the local community and rice fields feeds Gregory’s imagery bank, which eventually finds […]

Artist in Residence The Schoolhouse Artist at MuTienYu Great Wall China, 2013

October 21, 2013

Artist in Residence at The Schoolhouse at MuTienYu thanks to Jim Spear and his great wall team. The Great Wall, this iconic image of China, offers countless vistas and views to the artist and photographer. Gregory and Angie climb, photograph and paint throughout this dynamic and dramatic scenery and the tiny villages found at the […]

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