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As a boy, I watched a movie about another boy who while standing on a pier staring into the sea, fell in and found a new home. Water has been my second home for half a century. But in this home, one very special family had never visited me until just after the start of the New Year. While free diving in the Maldives, a pod of dolphins stopped by to say hello. Their visit was brief as we silently swam together parallel to the coral reef. Diving up and down side-by-side, I looked into the eye of the alpha dolphin and I believe he said, Ǯhiǯ. And just like that, it was, Ǯbyeǯ. And they were off to play in the wake of a passing boat. But I had my visitation. Blessed and grateful I am for being finger to fin with such majestic creatures.

Text by Gregory Burns, Photographs by Angie Tan Burns, All Rights Reserved.
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