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20120426_ATB_0022_SG_GBAT Exhibit Opening


20120426_ATB_0021_SG_GBAT Exhibit Opening

After many years in our people’s spaces, Angie and Gregory have finally opened their very own studio/gallery in Singapore called StudioBurns. Situated in an old industrial building close to the Paya Lebar MRT station, the large open space offers Gregory a place to paint large canvases and for the couple to exhibit their photos and paintings.

20120426_ATB_0104_SG_GBAT Exhibit Opening

The opening reception for the gallery at the end of April was well

20120426_ATB_0019_SG_GBAT Exhibit Opening

attended, encouraging further exhibitions for themselves and for a select group of other artists. In the future, Gregory will likely host workshops and classes as the environment is ripe for creative activities. Visiting is by appointment only so please drop us a line should you like to come by.

Special thanks you our Wine Sponsor

20120426_ATB_0170_SG_GBAT Exhibit Opening

20120426_ATB_0302_SG_GBAT Exhibit Opening

20120426_ATB_0104_SG_GBAT Exhibit Opening (1)

20120426_ATB_0376_SG_GBAT Exhibit Opening

20120426_ATB_0014_SG_GBAT Exhibit Opening

20120426_ATB_0091_SG_GBAT Exhibit Opening

20120426_ATB_0383_SG_GBAT Exhibit Opening

20120426_ATB_0122_SG_GBAT Exhibit Opening

20120426_ATB_0015_SG_GBAT Exhibit Opening

20120426_ATB_0399_SG_GBAT Exhibit Opening


Text by Gregory Burns, Photographs by Angie Tan Burns, All Rights Reserved.
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