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Bozza Locandina Burn-Tan 26-07-2010_5inAgain we return to our little village in the Maritime Alps of Italy, tucked up against the hills and surrounded by green trees and clean rushing streams. This trip was more about sharing what Angie and I created last year than creating new works. We opened our joint exhibition at the best and only real restaurant in our neighborhood. We were pleased that the local folks made a point to attend and view the work we had created last year while wandering their cobblestone streets.

Garessio remains a quiet little haven, where summertime can be spent sipping coffee in the square or wine at the pizzerias. Hiking the ‘salt road’ where once goods were carried from the Mediterranean Sea inland, one wanders through forests peppered with ancient stone walls covered with moss and intertwined with tree roots. This is a land of old earth and a place to return to a rich and simple life.

Text by Gregory Burns, Photographs by Angie Tan Burns, All Rights Reserved.
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